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TLV  Flooring  Solutions  is  the  flooring  company  of  choice  in  the  New  Jersey  Tri-State area for professional flooring repairs and restoration for residential and commercial flooring  projects. We offer  hardwood  floor  repair and refinishing services;  carpet re-stretching; carpet binding; and we repair tile, vinyl, and linoleum.  Helping you to protect the value of your home or commercial investment is a responsibility we take very seriously at TLV  Flooring Solutions. Ensuring  that  your floors  are  free  from  rips, cuts, cracks, scratches,  tears, lifting, etc. helps to maintain the integrity—and  more  importantly, the  safety—of  your  home  or  business. Defective flooring, particularly in a commercial environment, is a lawsuit waiting to happen.  TLV Flooring Solutions provides prompt, affordable, floor repair and restoration services to help you minimize risk and to maximize the value and enjoyment of your residential or commercial space. For more information or to schedule your Shop At Home Consultation/Free In-Home 
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